The following general conditions apply to any sale contract concluded on this page:

Your contractual partner is:

SwissBioLab EU - Distribution
4, Rue Alfred Bastin
74100 Annemasse

Art. 1 Scope of application

The following general conditions thereafter "CG") apply for the contract concerning the delivery of the proposed products by SwissBioLab, concluded between the customer (thereafter "customer" or "you"), inclusion made of their beneficiaries and SwissBioLab EU (thereafter "SBL" or "we") on the online shop Inclusion made of the domains which are bound to it. All delivery, services and offers of SBL happen only on the basis of these general conditions. Are defined customer according to §1 (1) the consumer as well as the contractors. Every natural person is defined as consumer, for whom the purpose of the order cannot be likened to a commercial activity, but only for the personal or family use. on the contrary a company is a legal person or a society of legally competent individuals, who makes orders for commercial or professional purposes.

Art. 2 Order and performance of a contract

The display of products on our online shop does not represent an offer, but only a request relative to submit a order. By conclusion of an electronic process of command, you can order goods. When choosing one or several products, they are placed in a virtual basket. All the products allocated to the basket of goods are visible in this one. You can modify the number of commanded products or cancel the order of a product there. When you click the button "cash register" you will be asked to provide the necessary information for the sending as well as to choose a means of payment. Before the conclusion of your order, all the information relative to your order are displayed. Clicking on the button "purchase now" will complete the order process. You have to choose an username and a password. You agree to maintain them secret. We cannot be held responsible for abusive use of the username and password nor for the caused damages.

Your order constitutes a binding offer. The confirmation of receipt of your order follows immediately the transmission of the order and does not represent from us a binding acceptance of the order. We accept your order under five days by sending an e-mail or by shipping the goods. In absence of another agreement, or of an opposite statement, our advertising offers do not constitute an engagement. If you wish to modify your order, or to inform you about this one, you can contact us by e-mail:

Art. 3 Price

The price applying to the orders is the price indicated in Swiss francs (CHF) during the order. All listed prices include the tax VAT provided by law, as well as the shipping costs. Any additional costs are counted separately.

Art. 4 Terms of delivery

The shipping costs are at your expense. The orders are sent under 5 working days after recorded payment. SBL is legitimized to perform partial deliveries or services. The additional costs for separate sending are supported by SBL. SBL ships goods from Monday to Friday. If exceptionally a product is not available under 72 hours, you will be informed by e-mail.

All the goods described in our online shop is in stock; immediately after reception of the order, or optionally of an advance payment, the delivery will be made within 5 days. When the time of delivery of a product differs from the normal, we indicate it on the page of this product. If the goods are not deliverable because they are damaged or they are no longer produced, if SBL cannot deliver according to the ordinary conditions and if it happens after conclusion of the contract and that SBL is not responsible for it, SBL is no longer obliged to deliver the goods. If certain events, such as a strike, a company sit-in, public disorder or similar events, complicate the delivery or make it impossible, SBL cannot not be held responsible for delays, independently of the deadlines that we had committed to respect. You have 14 calendar days to refuse your order. Please let us know within the 14 days after reception of the goods ( it is important to make it in due course). The goods shall be returned within the 14 calendar days following the sending of your refusal. Reimbursement will be made as soon as we resell the goods. The refusal notice is to be sent to:

SwissBioLab EU - Distribution
4, Rue Alfred Bastin
74100 Annemasse

The costs of returning are at your expenses.

We do reserve the right to subtract of reimbursement the price corresponding to possible damage suffered by the product, or in an excessive wear. Please note that we do not accept refusal for the following products: the sealed products, for which for reasons of hygiene or protection of the health a return is not indicated as well as products who have been unsealed after delivery.

Address for returns:

SwissBioLab EU - Distribution
4, Rue Alfred Bastin
74100 Annemasse

Art. 5 Terms of payment

For the payment of your order, we suggest you to pay by credit card, Twint or PayPal.

When you pay by credit card, the account associated with your card will be charged immediately after conclusion of your order.

Art. 6 Transfer of risk

The risk bound to an unpredictable destruction of the goods, or of a possible degradation of this one, is, in the case of a purchase with delivery, transferred to the buyer at the time of the transmission of the goods to the carrier or any other person or service in charge of delivery.

Art. 7 Property reserve; compensation; right of retention

In a transaction with a consumer, we reserve the right of ownership of the goods, until the consumer has completely settled the payment. In the transaction with a company, we reserve the right of ownership of the goods until the consumer has completely settled all accounts resulting from the contractual relation which he maintains with us. If the costumer makes object of a non-payment, we are legitimated to register a property reserve at the expense of the consumer. The corresponding guarantees are transferable to third parties. You are entitled to a compensation in case your claiming were recognized as legitimate by a legal authority, or if they have been recognized as such by us. You only have the right of retention in the case your claiming is based on the same contractual relationship. If the customer is in default with payment to us for anyone of its obligations for payment the diverse existing claims will be due immediately

Art. 8 Defects / guarantees

Apply for this contract the existing legislation. Important Notice: please consult your doctor to verify if you are not subject to a known food intolerance. The same thing applies to possible interactions with products which you would consume at the same time.

Art. 9 Data protection

Apply as for the data protection the specific rules in the notice concerning the personal data protection which are an integral part of these general conditions.

If you have any questions regarding the collection, treatment or the use of the data concerning yourself, or for providing to correct, lock or delete data, as well as to return to a consent which you would have given us, please contact:

SwissBioLab EU - Distribution
4, Rue Alfred Bastin
74100 Annemasse

Art. 10 Exclusion of liability

In case of violation of contractual or extra-contractual duties, SBL is only responsible for damage which result from a deliberate behaviour or serious negligence, unless infringement is made for the life, for the body or for the costumers health, or if essential contractual duties have been violated (major obligations)

In the latter case, the responsibility of SBL is limited to predictable damages, happening in a typical way. These limitations of responsibility do not apply in case SBL hid a defect in a deliberate and dishonest way or if we supplied an explicit guarantee on the constitution of the goods. The possibility of claiming, relative to a responsibility from us, based on the current law and concerning the responsibility bound to the products, shall not be affected. The regulations specified by the previous paragraph also apply to the legal representatives, to the leaders and to the auxiliaries of execution of BSL

Art. 11 Applicable law

The Swiss law is applicable for some legal acts or for other legal relations between the customer and us. The convention of the United Nations on contracts of international sale of goods (CISG), as well as some interstate agreements are not applicable.

Art. 12 Safeguard clause

In the case certain specific provisions provided in this contract, including this paragraph, are not valid partially or totally, or in case this contract presents a lack, the validity of the other rules or parts thereof, shall not be affected.

Art. 13 Written form

Any changes or additions brought to these terms and conditions, requires, to be valid, be drafted of in writing and signed by both parties.

Date: March 2024

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