Alpx Omega3 Krill

Food supplement with Antarctic krill lipid extract (small shrimp looking like crustacean). Enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, it is the ideal partner for the heart and the blood. Also helps relieve oxidative stress and inflammation.

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  • Alpx Stay Fit

    Discover Alpx Stay Fit, the first and only natural food supplement combating the harmful effects of drinking and eating excesses. Made in Switzerland.

  • Alpx Booster Him

    A natural alternative to pharmaceutical products: Alpx Booster helps maintain a normal level of testosterone in the blood to significantly improve sexual capacity and intensify desire.

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    Alpx Booster Her

    Natural alternative to pharmaceutical products: Alpx Booster for HER allows, without side effects, to intensify female libido and to regulate hormonal activity and the general functioning of the female sexual mechanism.

Alpx products are also available over the counter in pharmacies

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