How it works ?

Alpx Stay Fit antioxidant food supplement helps you fight against liver cell oxidation with vitamin C1.


Oxidative stress & free radicals

Oxidative stress results from an imbalance between the oxidation of liver cells (i.e. the production of free radicals) and our defense capacity thanks to antioxidants (internal and external).

Tobacco, dietary imbalance, sun or overwork lead to the production of free radicals in our body which are harmful in the long term.

Alpx Stay Fit is THE solution

The active ingredients contained in our food supplement effectively fight against oxidative stress thanks to vitamin C1.

Designed by and for bon vivants, Alpx Stay Fit will protect you from oxidation and cellular degradation. Excellent antioxidant, the assets of Alpx Stay Fit will help you to overcome the punctual excesses of drinks and food.

Chewable food supplement:

  • Short program:

    To fill up with antioxidants and vitamins, chew a tablet of Alpx Stay Fit in the morning, after breakfast.

  • During occasional excesses:

    Alpx Stay Fit is taken after drinking alcohol or after heavy meals, as well as the next day upon waking.

Alpx Stay Fit fights against the side effects caused by :


    If you drink too much from time to time, you may experience short-term digestive problems such as nausea. In the longer term, these problems result in fatigue and low morale.


    Take one Alpx Stay Fit tablet during occasional binge drinking. If the evening goes on, take a second tablet one hour before bedtime. It is also advisable to take one tablet the next day when you wake up to have a nice day!


    The fatigue of modern life and lack of sleep are responsible for the production of free radicals that cause tension and exhaustion.


    Croquer une tablette d'Alpx Stay Fit le matin après le petit déjeuner. Un bon réflexe pour faire le plein d'antioxydants et de vitamines C2 pour la journée.


    Poor nutrition is difficult for our various organs to assimilate. An imbalance in our digestive system can cause post-meal fatigue and discomfort, accompanied by a drop in energy and motivation.


    Croquer une tablette d’Alpx Stay Fit pendant ou après le repas. Alpx Stay Fit aident votre corps à garder toute sa vitalité pendant la journée grâce à la vitamine C4.

1Vitamin C, E and Selenium help protect cells against oxidative stress
2Vitamin C helps reduce fatigue
3Vitamin C and Selenium contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system
4Vitamin C contributes to normal energy metabolism

What are you waiting for to test it?

The food supplement for bon vivants that helps to overcome:

  • Difficult digestion after heavy meals
  • Post-meal fatigue
  • Bloating and stomach problems
  • Nausea
  • The aftermath of difficult evenings

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