In which cases should I take Alpx Booster for HER?


Alpx Booster for HER, for a fulfilling sex life

Thanks to its carefully selected natural ingredients, Alpx Booster for HER helps women to maintain a fulfilling sex life, whatever the hazards of life.

NATURAL ALTERNATIVE. Used as a natural alternative to synthetic products, Alpx Booster for HER allows, without side effects, to intensify female libido, regulate hormonal activity and the general functioning of the female sexual mechanism.

SEXUAL STIMULANT. By helping to regulate female hormonal activity, Alpx Booster for HER acts as a stimulant capable of improving the functioning of sexual mechanism and libido.

SEXUAL PERFORMANCE. Alpx Booster for HER effectively combats women's sexual desire disorders. Daily supplementation improves reactivity to sexual stimuli in order to regain fulfilling sexual activity.

For sure, its effectiveness requires sexual stimulation. Be PLAYFUL & discover again the pleasures and sensations of a fulfilling sex life.

Direction for use

  • Food supplement to be taken as a cure:

    In case of tiredness, stress or a slump in your libido, take 2 capsules per day with a glass of water for a minimum of 25 days. Repeat the program as often as necessary.

Alpx Booster supports your organism to fight against:

  • MENOPAUSE Painful intercourse and/or slump in the libido due to hormonal changes

    Hormonal changes related to menopause can lead to a drastic decrease in desire and can cause painful sexual intercourses.


    Alpx Booster for HER promotes a normal hormonal activity, especially during menopause.

  • A SLUMP IN YOUR LIBIDO Partial or total loss of sexual desire

    A slump in your libido, occasional or permanent, leads to dissatisfaction with sex.


    Alpx Booster for HER improves the sexual stimuli responsiveness and naturally increases desire.

  • SEXUAL ANXIETY High anxiety about sexual performance.

    Loss of desire can lead to a sort of "anticipatory anxiety" before sexual intercourse.


    Alpx Booster for HER helps to rebuild self-esteem and confidence in its own femininity that are first steps to find again a healthy sexuality.

What are you waiting for to try it out?

The food supplement for women.

  • Natural alternative to synthetic products
  • Improves reactivity to sexual stimuli
  • Boosts female desire and libido

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