Dry January: Is it worth it ? Fuzz or real benefit for your body?

DRY JANUARY. As January unfolds, those choosing to take part in Dry January are in full swing with their New Year’s resolution.

Going strong, with over 5 million participants in UK in 2017, more and more people all over Europe participate to this annual movement through which people give up alcohol for the month of January.

We decided to give it a try... even if we’re are fierce creatures of habit, which happens to include the occasional glass of Chasselas and an ice cold IPA every so often.

However, after the excesses and indulgences of the holidays, we could really use a reset. Bye boozy afterworks, Bye “just one beer” nights.

Fuzz or real benefit for your body? Wondering if it is actually worthwhile?

Having doubts ? We’ve got you covered ! Let’s have a deeper look into this trend, its health benefits and 8 good reasons to swear off booze.

Save money. After Holiday’s expenses, it is the perfect time to put down the bottle. Giving alcohol a miss is an easy way to save cash and fewer the mornings staring at an empty wallet.

Give a rest to your liver. Alcohol puts metabolic stress on the liver. However, this amazing organ would start to regenerate itself after a few days if you stop overloading it.

Sleep better. Previous participants of Dry January have reported that their sleeping pattern improved in the long run and affirmed that they started waking up with far more energy the next morning.

Healthier skin. Like tobacco, alcohol and hangovers aren’t your skin's best friends. Alcohol dilates the pores of the skin & blood’s capillaries... which happens to make your skin looks grayish. After a month without alcohol, you'll notice quite a difference. Your skin will clear up, will look healthier.

A Better relationship with alcohol. This movement's main goal is to help people "reset their relationship with alcohol. Being able to say "No" to alcohol for a month will make you feel more in control of your drinking.

More performance in sport... - and especially more motivation to go to the gym than to the pub.

Lose weight. Do we really have to remind you that alcohol is mainly sugar ? Yes... even wine!

To sum up, pledging to ditch the booze every now and then won't kill you. You might even feel VERY well. In addition with an Alpx Stay Fit cure... you'll be more ready for spring afterworks !

5 tips to make it through Dry January

Let’s be honest, Dry January can be tough. According to CBS, there are some rules to follow to prevent yourself from breaking your pact before the deadline:

Understand why you're doing it! – Isn’t the personal challenge a sufficient motivation? On top of an amazing way to strengthen your will... you’ll be so proud of yourself January 31st !

Don't be alone - it's always easier to drink herbal tea at the pub if you're not the only one doing it...

It's not taboo, talk about it ! - talking about it will help you to have a better understanding of the reasons why you did it... you'll also probably realize that you're not the only person in the bar that pledge to start the new year alcohol-free.

Keep the countdown - seeing time go by will help motivate yourself to keep you on the wagon !

Don't justify yourself - "No thanks, I’m not drinking at the moment... and no, I do not have an alcohol problem!"...

What about you? Dry January or not? Tell us about it!

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